Permission Slip

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Final Tutoring and Enrichment Permission Slip

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Spring tutoring program is about to begin, opportunities are opening up and your child has been selected to participate! Here at Clubxyouthniversity, our approach is to create a customized learning experience for each child. Our
assessment and skill-building game plan, target each child’s academic challenges leading us to design a unique path that develops their individual skills. We look forward to having you join our CXY program.

Students will have the ability to join tutoring sessions as well as other enrichment programs between 2:40 PM and 5:40 PM Monday through Thursday and optional weekends. Please sign this form to give your student permission to participate in a minimum of 2 tutoring sessions weekly. Coordinate the day your student attends tutoring with the days of your chosen enrichment activities you may want your child to participate in.


 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 Teach with a Tee Teach with a Tee Basketball  Basketball Basketball Basketball
 Cosmetology Cosmetology  Cosmetology  Cosmetology  Cosmetology
 STEM Tinkering Lab  Music Production Music Production
STEM Tinkering Lab
 STEM Tinkering Lab
Select two days below that work for you:
The following enrichment activities are only available to students who take part in tutoring sessions. Tutoring is valuable for students who can benefit from academic enhancement. The enrichment activities are offered to students who partake in tutoring as a way to promote educational excellence as a priority. After reviewing the above schedule, please select two activities you would like your student to participate in:

I give permission for my child (full name): _______________________________of class______________to attend
ClubXYouthniversity’s Tutoring and Wellness after-school program.


Come in and speak with your Community School Director:
Ms. Star-Asia Taliaferro or Ms. Tinee Marshall
or call them directly at The School by the Sea

(718) 327-5860 ext. 2121